The Importance of Eye Exams

Posted on August 5th, 2015 by clvc

You might think that it’s unnecessary to see your eye doctor if you aren’t experiencing vision problems or in need of an updated prescription. However, since many eye issues have nothing to do with the symptom of poor vision, and early detection of a variety of eye diseases is essential for a full recovery, it’s smart to rethink skipping your annual appointment.  Routine eye exams are important regardless of your age or your physical health.

During a comprehensive eye exam at Clearview, our doctors will do much more than just determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses; they will evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. A few of the common diseases that you will be evaluated for include:

Glaucoma – This is a very serious disease that if it goes untreated, could result in blindness, making early diagnosis and treatment crucial. Glaucoma is a disease that causes pressure in the eye. It cannot be felt and oftentimes goes unnoticed for 5 to 10 years in many patients.

Cataracts – This very common disease can cause some symptoms including hazy vision, halos or glare around lights or double vision to name a few. If a cataract is diagnosed during your exam, several other tests will be performed.

Hypertension – While you might be familiar with hypertension with your physical health, it also plays a vital role in your eye health. Only a comprehensive eye exam can diagnose this ailment.

Diabetic Retinopathy – This vision-threatening damage to the retina caused by diabetes can cause symptoms such as: fluctuating vision, eye floaters, spots, double vision or eye pain among other symptoms.

The Exam

Just as you see your regular doctor for wellness checkups, the same is necessary for the health of your eyes and your vision. Vision screenings are no substitute for a complete comprehensive eye exam. Even if your vision seems perfect, our eye doctors can perform a baseline and detect any changes that occur in your vision that can cause difficulty for you in the future. The earlier that vision problems are detected and corrected, the fewer problems that you will experience in the future.

In addition to comprehensive eye examinations; we provide contact lenses, Intralase (blade-free LASIK), “No shot, No stitch, No patch” cataract surgery, lens implants, implants, implantable contact lens (ICL), eyeglasses, glaucoma diagnosis and management, and diabetic retinopathy evaluations.

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