Keeping it in the Family

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Beth MacNeill and her two sons are all three enjoying their clear vision after having laser vision correction with Clearview.  Beth has been a ophthalmic technician for 25 years, and with Clearview for over 5 years.

Understanding Age-related Vision Changes during our 40s and beyond

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After you pass the milestone age of 40, you may notice just like your body, your eyes and vision change with time. These changes can result in a number of noticeable differences in how well you see. While everyone’s experience may vary, the following are a few of the common age-related vision changes:

Difficulty with Reading and Close Work

Printed materials are not as clear as before, in part because the lens in our eyes becomes less flexible as we age, making it more difficult for your eyes to focus on near objects.

Need for More Light

You’ll need more light to see as well as you did in years past.  Brighter and more focused lights will help make reading and other near tasks easier.

Reduced Tear Production

With age, the tear glands in your eyes will produce fewer tears. This is especially true for women after menopause. As a result, your eyes may feel dry and irritated, so having an adequate amount of tears is an essential element in keeping your eyes healthy and maintaining clear sight.  To help alleviate your dry eye symptoms, we recommend using:  Systane, Bion Tears, Refresh Liquegel, Tears Naturale II, Refresh Tears or Thera-Tears.

What You Can Do About Age-Related Vision Changes

A healthy diet and wise lifestyle choices, such as not smoking, are your best natural defenses against vision loss as you age. Regular eye exams are extremely important for any age. During your exam, let us know all your concerns about your eyes and vision; any history of eye problems in your family, as well as any other health problems you may have and what medications you take (including non-prescription vitamins, herbs and supplements).  This information will help us make appropriate recommendations to keep your eyes healthy and functioning at their optimum level throughout your lifetime.

Just for fun.

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YouTube Optometry Movie

Doctor Spotlight: Robert A. Lyons, M.D.

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Dr. Lyons joined the Clearview team in 2009, after serving 8 years in the United States Air Force.  A native of Ohio, the Air Force moved his family from Ohio to Washington D.C. and finally to San Antonio, TX. 

In 2008, Dr. Lyons had the privilege of serving the great troops of the US Military at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.  While in Iraq, he performed many eye saving surgeries on troops from the US, Australia, former Soviet Republics, and Iraq. 

Currently, Dr. Lyons focuses on laser refractive surgery and advanced technology cataract surgery.    

As a surgeon, it is important to Dr. Lyons that he treats each and every one of his patients as if they were his family members.  Clearview has fostered that attitude from day one.

Speaking of family, Dr. Lyons has been happily married for 15 years, and together they have been blessed with three wonderful children ages 11, 9 and 8.